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Firefly Forest SchoolThe Nature Study Space


FireFly Forest School was created from the dream of a girl who believes in “the power of love, dreams and belief.”

This can bring us to our goal in life and spiritually.

Nature and this wide world is a treasure trove for learning. It is the source for a solid foundation for growth.

By being close to nature we can reach the essence of human beings and all things around us.


At FireFly Forest School children will run and play. The classroom is not just a rectangular room with a table to study.

But we will use the whole area of the school and the whole world is a classroom.

We study trees, grass, sky, insects, raising chickens, collecting eggs, growing vegetables to eat and use food scraps to make fertilizer.

Leaves are the best food for the soil. Earthworms are part of the prime forces on the ground. The seasons teach us how to adapt to survive.


In this process we are creating a learning space that offers stability and safety. By teaching the rhythms of “Days, Times, Seasons”, the children create a calendar of life, we will create curiosity (love of learning) and help them grow closer to nature. We encourage the development of children in all 3 areas:

– Body

– Soul

– Spirit

as naturally as possible

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Currently, we accept applications in 3 formats:

FFS1 : Full Student (5 days)

FFH: Classmates (3 days) who will come to learn, live and grow together throughout the semester.

FFS2 : Course mates are parents who are interested in using the same curriculum as Mama June to be a guide for their children, and come to be a part of the Community a few times per year.

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Essential Elements of Firefly Forest School

1. Human Essence

2. Arts and Social Capabilities

3. Ability to direct free will

4. Love for Learning

5. Understanding the purpose of being

6. Interconnectedness with people, nature and the universe

7. Sense of Responsibility

8. Resilience

9. Kind-heartedness

10. Faith in oneself and others

11. Believe

12. Development of body, mind, and spirit

13. Creativity and innovation

14. Strengthening family’s bonds

15. Joyfulness

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I’m most glad to have found a dream school for my child.

I searched for a school for her ever she was in the womb. There has never been a school that meets the our needs like this, through activities, playing, teaching. and learning media.

The most important and favorite thing is the mind set of the school owner and the teachers who are not just instructors. but also like the mothers of the children. They nurture the children with calmness and having methods of nurturing the children that I myself still have to practice.

It’s a very warm and small school. I’m glad that Pipa has met her first close friends here.

Pink Tangjitsatukij

FireFly Forest School is a mother’s dream school. It is difficult for parents these days to find a suitable school for their children. In an era when the world is changing and Traditional education may no longer meet the needs of modern personnel.

We want our children to grow up the way they are. The teachers at FireFly Forest School, such as Mother June, give importance to all children. I like the way the teachers talk to the kids. As if they are adults.

FireFly Forest School is a school that gives children a home away from home, like their second home. My child loves going to school every day.

FireFly Forest Schol offers my daughter Thata a wide range of experiences, giving her the opportunity to learn hands-on with everything. making her a child with her own ideas. By sending your child here, your child’s speech will appear more mature than their age. She is interested in the stories around her and has become a talkative, curious girl.

FireFly Forest School is cultivating children’s creativity and curiosity, which will accompany them in their future. 

I believe that learning doesn’t stop at school only. The kids must find knowledge for themselves. Their curiosity will keep them learning. and help them find new knowledge by themselves all the time .This is what we want to instill in children. 

I think that FireFly Forest School and I have the same idea of how to raise children.

Natkhemmapak Pipo

If parents are looking for a school that is like a family that understands their children, reaches them, and encourages their children to express themselves., where they can be themselves to the fullest I truly can recommend FireFly Forest School.

It is a school with unique activities each day. The school lets children enjoy their childhood to the fullest while inserting with knowledge in a way that makes learning fun.

FireFly Forest School is also friendly towards the parents.

It is really a very cute school.

Mimi has been studying at FireFly Forest School for 3 semesters. and will continue to study there. Mimi is happy every day and has so much fun. So much so that she doesn’t want to go home.

I’m so glad I found my dream school.

Onenie Weena