About FireFly Forest School

FireFly Forest School was created from the dream of a girl who believes in “the power of love, dreams and belief.” This can bring us to our goal in life and spiritually. Nature and this wide world is a treasure trove for learning. It is the source for a solid foundation for growth. By being close to nature we can reach the essence of human beings and all things around us.

This was the beginning of the Firefly School. With the universe as the classroom, the home as the foundation of growth. and parents as important teachers vital to the growth of their children.

The beginning of FireFlyForest School came by homeschooling our son in nature’s classroom in the train park (Suan Rot Fai). This led to us opening our house accepting classmates and finally, this May 2023, Firefly School is going to be a school for all children. It is a classroom of nature, art and life skills.

At FireFly Forest School Children Will Run and Play

. The classroom is not just a rectangular room with a table to study. But we will use the whole area of the school and the whole world is a classroom.

We study trees, grass, sky, insects, raising chickens, collecting eggs, growing vegetables to eat and use food scraps to make fertilizer. Leaves are the best food for the soil. Earthworms are part of the prime forces on the ground. The seasons teach us how to adapt to survive.

We will practice breathing in and out according to the rhythm of life. We will learn to cook. And how to survive from various situations.

We will learn mathematics from our garden. We will study music, movement, drawing, telling stories and acting so that we can communicate and convey things from the inside out. We explore, discover, and understand both ourselves and others. We will study economics, finance and how the market place works.

Mud_Slide_Mama_June_FireFly_Forest School_Bangkok_Thailand

We Practice Writing from Inspiration.

 Practice reading from hundreds of thousands of the favorite fairy tales out there and rotate telling, listening, remembering. We learn from traffic signs, from car brands. We learn from the names plates of close friends who know our hearts and make us want to remember.

Our school will be filled with people who want to be part of nature. We teach our children to love nature by seeing, touching, being close to nature as can be. We help them realize and discover how we can live together with nature and take care of our planet.

In this process we are creating a learning space that offers stability and safety. By teaching the rhythms of “Days, Times, Seasons”, the children create a calendar of life, we will create curiosity (love of learning) and help them grow closer to nature. We encourage the development of children in all 3 areas:

– Body

– Soul

– Spirit

as naturally as possible

The Firefly Forest School Curriculum

Mama June, was inspired by many important educators. The one that inspired her most was Charlotte M. Mason, an early English household education revolutionary. Ready to actually use it with “Gandhi”, her son of 6 years.

Let’s come together to create some magic and a classroom full of imagination and creativity, giving children the “courage” to explore the lessons.

“Prove and doubt” for the heart to work and let the soul grow.

Currently, we accept applications in 3 formats:

FFS1 : Full Student (5 days)

FFH: Classmates (3 days) who will come to learn, live and grow together throughout the semester.

FFS2 : Course mates are parents who are interested in using the same curriculum as Mama June to be a guide for their children, and come to be a part of the Community a few times per year.